Kimberly Scollins

William Janicki

David Kipper

Probably one of the best selections of bourbons in town.


Jef Albert

Dirty Smelly Fox

No issues here, good selection, then again I dunno what selections everybody likes, employees are nice

Marc Marinich

David Hayes

Great owner, service, selection and prices.

Patty Gardner

Great selection.

Paula Barney

Love these people. They always have helpful suggestions if you ask. Trying the sake tonight!

Bryony Patrick

Rachel Murat

Selection is extensive. Service is helpful and courteous.

Jos. Catalano

Park Manor Wine &Spirits is a large liquor store w/plenty of selections in every category. Very seldom have I gone hunting for an exotic item that they didn't have &found it elsewhere, once for a particular Saughtern, another for a small bottle Penot. They carry my favorite brandy &other selections at fair prices. ...&they have many excellent wines for under $10.

Suzanne Weston

Excellent selection of quality wines & liquors. Wine tastings are an great way of sampling before buying and this store has excellent tastings!

Jazz Shaw

This is the only liquor store we go to in this area. Good prices and great service.

Pamela Hunsinger

Very handy! Close to home. They seem to have everything I go in there for. The middle aged gentleman is very nice and helpful. The blonde woman can hardy be bothered. So when you go, find him. He knows where everything is and will give suggestions.

Jolly Rogers

Good selection, good prices, helpful staff

Daniel Tomsey

Tim McMullin

Wonderful selection of wines from around the world. The prices are right. The service is excellent.

Foodrevue Stone

How did I live here for years and not know about this place? The good selection of single malts is always a plus for me, but the wine selection here is fantastic. Need something ordered? No problem. Small bottles galore in pints, halves and miniatures, including top sellers and high end brands. Great selection of Champagne and other bubbly. Prices are good, case prices are better, and the people are the best. Park Manor puts the big new store in the county to shame. Restocking your liquor cabinet or planning something big, talk to these guys and they will help.

Stoj Neverwinter

Absolutely MASSIVE selection of liquors, wines, etc. Extremely friendly staff. It's right up the street from me, but if it wasn't, I would definitely drive out of my way to go here as opposed to others in the area.